ALL Appointments are being handled at the Main Office in Lincolnton until further notice!

General Information

Learning the laws regulating the use of firearms is a must for responsible ownership. Local regulations differ and laws vary from state to state. Citizens must check with the jurisdiction where the gun is to be used.

The Sheriff and his staff are required to follow strict state guidelines when performing the necessary background checks for Concealed Weapon Permits. Due to the nature of the detailed due diligence, appointment times and processing times can take multiple weeks. During the application process, you will be asked to schedule an appointment (for New and Renewal CHP permits). Depending on the current volume of CHP requests, the earliest appointment may be 4 - 8 weeks into the future. Please note that you will be asked to pay now to reserve your appointment.

Concealed Weapon Permits can be obtained from the county sheriff of your county of residence.


Pricing and Additional Information

  • A New Concealed Weapon Permit costs $90.00, which includes the $10.00 fingerprinting fee.
  • A Renewal Concealed Weapon Permit costs $75.00.
  • Applications for New and Renewal Permits will be processed between 9am-11:30am and 1pm-4pm Monday-Friday.
  • Online Appointments for CCW applications are held on Tuesdays at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Denver (Charlie District) 2493 N NC 16 Business Hwy, Denver, NC between 9am-11:30m and 1:00pm-4pm and on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in Lincolnton (Main Office) between 9am-11:30am and 1:00pm-4pm.
  • Applications for New and Renewal Permits are available online (click on appropriate link to the left to apply for a permit) or you may fill out the forms in person. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050 to schedule an appointment to fill out the forms in person.
  • If you are a Lincoln County resident and are moving to another County, please come to the office in person to change your address. 


Please Note: Filling out your application online and paying does not automatically submit your paperwork to the Sheriff’s Office! You must bring in your packet, which you filled out online, along with current permit or certificate from a North Carolina approved Firearms Safety Training course, at the appointment time you chose online. These forms must be signed by you in front of a notary public; therefore they are not complete simply by filling them out online.


Please Note: You can only renew your CHP WITHIN 6 MONTHS prior to your expiration.


Please Also Note: If you have already scheduled an appointment with someone at the office, please call and cancel that appointment prior to scheduling an appointment during this online application process.


Gaining competency with firearms is like learning to drive a car or fly an airplane. You need expert instruction and practice. There is no shortcut. If you are not willing to invest the time and effort to become competent, then having a firearm and trying to use it can, in many instances, be more hazardous than any impending threat.

Permit to Carry Information

Permit to Carry Requirements: must meet ALL requirements

Applicant Must:

  • be a citizen or a naturalized citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident alien;
  • be twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • have attained at least one month's residency (30 days) in Lincoln County;
  • not suffer from any mental or physical infirmity which would prevent safe handgun handling and operation
  • at the time of pickup, provide a valid driver's license or other picture ID with current address provided by the State of North Carolina.
  • successfully complete a firearms training and safety course that has been designed by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards Commission (See Yellow Pages or a firearms dealer for businesses that provide training).

A criminal background check is performed on each applicant before granting the permit. The processing of the concealed carry weapons permit takes much longer than the handgun purchase permit. The Sheriff has forty-five (45) days from the time all application materials, to include receipt of the mental health records, are received to either issue or deny a permit. N.C. General Statute 14-415-15(a).

Anyone interested in applying for a concealed carry weapon permit must make an appointment online using this system. Prior to using this system, make sure you have the following information available.

  • NC Driver's license number
  • NC Firearms Training Certificate Number (located at the bottom right corner of the certificate)


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For More Information, Contact:

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
700 John Howell Memorial Dr
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Charlie District Office
2493 N NC 16 Business Hwy
Denver, NC 28037
phone: 704-732-9050


For Technical Support, Contact:

Permitium Software
Phone: (855) 642-2453

Storage of firearms and ammunition presents a unique responsibility. Children may see weapons as toys, and thieves view them as a tool for crime or an item that can be sold for quick profit. Keep all firearms locked away in a secure place.